Chocolate Brown M1A/SOCOM Cheek Rest

Chocolate Brown M1A/SOCOM Cheek Rest
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  • Item #: M1A-CHOCO-BRN
  • Manufacturer: Bradley Cheek Rest
  • Cannot ship to: Philippines

THIS WAS OUR VERY FIRST CHEEK REST COLOR AND MODEL!! The Chocolate Brown Cheek Rest for the M1A. The cheek rest is made of Kydex and has a non-slip pad and is non-adjustable. It is seccured to the stock of the gun by 3 velcro 2 faced one sided straps. This will provide you with 1 3/8 inch of cheek rise. Our cheek rest will not scratch your stock,will not slip,is non-invasive and is guaranteed for life! Check out our adjustable model as well which also fits the M1A platform.

NOTE...Please mention under instructions WHEN ORDERING AT CHECKOUT if you have a Medalist type stock,or Hook type stock on your rifle, we need to make sure you get the right length straps.Also stocks like Mcmillan, Manners, Boyds and the Ruger mini 14 , the Tikka T3 and stocks with smaller girth. These types of stocks require different strap lengths. Most stocks are normal and our product fits with no problem. If you are not sure please feel free to call us, 855-900-2723. And thanks for your order.

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