ES ATACS AUX back in stock, limited supply!!

ES ATACS AUX back in stock, limited supply!!
  • Item #: ES-ATACS-AUX
  • Manufacturer: Bradley Cheek Rest

Available for a limited time only..This is a perfect match to the Browning Hells Canyon Atacs Au model we also have it in the regular kydex Atacs AUX..The Cordura 500 D nylon is military grade fabric that is secured to the Kydex and gives it character and it's also water repellant. We think the cheek rest will get even better looking with usage. This cheek rest is the next level of beauty and perfomance with the same excellent quality as all of the Bradley products.

 NOTE...Please mention under instructions WHEN ORDERING AT CHECKOUT if you have a Medalist type stock,or Hook type stock on your rifle, we need to make sure you get the right length straps.Also stocks like Mcmillan, Manners, Boyds and the Ruger mini 14 , the Tikka T3 and stocks with larger or smaller girth need different length straps.. These types of stocks require different strap lengths. Most stocks are normal and our product fits with no problem. If you are not sure please feel free to call us, 855-900-2723. And thanks for your order. The Elite series comes with two extra straps so it can be configured to fit most stocks.  Fabric may grab whiskers especially on larger calibers. Also on the Elite series there will be a slight edge revealed along the edge due to the way the manufacturing process occurs, this will look as if the fabric is a little higher than the kydex edge, this bothers some people, please ask us about this if you don't understand or would like more info, each color rises differently, its just the way it is.

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