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  • Item #: NITECORE-MH12SE-1800-LUMEN
  • Manufacturer: NITECORE
SUPERIOR MULTITASK HYBRID.....THIS IS MY FAVORITE LIGHT, BRIGHT POWERFUL AND JUST THE BEST FOR THE PRICE.403 meters on the throw!!!If you would like to buy an extra Nitecore battery for this light please call me when ordering, thanks         NITECORE MH12s is the 1800 lumen light you've been waiting for,WITH 294 METERS OF THROW, this rechargeable, tactical flashlight is ideal for hunting, law enforcement, survival, and search and rescue. Comes with a holster for the light and fits in a 1 inch tactical flashlight mount to add to your weopon. The best bang for the buck, plus you can use your older 18650 batteries or even two CR123 batteries and the the light comes with the new mega size battery 21700., and charges them all in the light, Badass light you can order additional batteries from me if you call when placing this order, Thanks for looking, Nitecore is the only company we sponsor! tHIS LIGHT COMES WITH THE 21700 5000MHA BATTERY, AWESOME POWER, THE BEST LIGHT ON THE MARKET FOR 1800 LUMENS!!
USB Rechargeable

The MH12s comes with everything you need to power and charge the flashlight right out of the box including an NL1835HP rechargeable li-ion battery and built-in micro-USB charging port

Technical Specifications
  • Max Output 1800 Lumens
    Max Beam Distance 403 m
    Max Beam Intensity 21600 cd
    Max Runtime 1500 h 0 m / 62.5 d
    LED Luminus SST-40-W LED
    Reflector SMO
    Battery 1 × 18650 ,2 × CR123 ,2 × RCR123,1 × 21700
    Special Modes Location Beacon,SOS,Strobe
    Beam color White light
    Length 141 mm / 5.55 in
    Head Size 25.4 mm / 1.00 in
    Weight 75.5 g / 2.66 oz
    Activity Gear,Law Enforcement,Outdoor/Camping


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