Bradley Cheek Rest 

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 ATTENTION,we are out of Black Adjustables until Thursday Feb 11, 2016,today (we have 4 left!!)This will change as they sell, check the number left on Tactical Black adjustable when ordering. thanks

CANADA and AUSTRALIA, U.K.,,SWEDEN, NORWAY and select countries need to have an invoice sent to your email, please contact us for all orders. All other International orders are selective based on customs make contact with us first before placing your order! All Interantional orders are $33.30

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                                            (NEW)  The Bradley Adjustable is HERE!! 

  Bradley Cheek Rest are made with only one goal, to be the "BEST" and satisfy the needs of what you want in a cheek rest. All of my cheek rests are designed with extreme percision and we use high quality Velcro to secure to your stock so you don't have to modify your stock in any way, shape, or form. Every cheek rest is made from high quality Kydex and comes with a non-slip pad so it will fit tight and not move. All Bradley Cheek rest are ambidextrous. Each cheek rest is hand made right here in PORTLAND,OR.The Bradley adjustable w/ pad weighs 5.3 oz.The adjustable model also fits the M1A AND M1 GARAND. My goal is to help you make an informed decision about which cheek rest is best for you. Please call us at 855 900 BRAD(2723) for any questions you might have.*patent pending,DON'T FORGET TO COME BACK TO THE PRODUCT YOU PURCHASED AN WRITE A REVIEW!!

7 Cheek rest models to help STOP THE DRILLING! 

Bradley Adjustable: The Bradley adjustable adjusts from 1/4" to 1 1/2" of rise. Designed to give you the perfect cheek weld everytime. 5.3 oz. FITS ON ANY M1A AND M1 GARAND and ALMOST ANY BOLT ACTION RIFLE *Patent Pending 

B24The B24 fits most bolt action rifles and gives you 3/4" of FIXED cheek rise. *Patent Pending Check out the latest review by clicking here

BUL(Bradley Ultra Low): The BUL cheek rest gives you a 1/2" of rise with a perfect fit. The BUL fits most rifles. Different straps are available for different applications    

M1A: The M1A cheek rest will mount to any M1A and any other rifles needing a high cheek rest. The cheek rest gives 1 3/8" of  FIXED CHEEK height. This cheek rest is not reccomended for socom or scout models, Please check out the Bradley adjustable models. *Patent Pending